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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Married for 14 years, and father of 6 - five that are living. I am returning to the roots of my great great grandfather by living in Kentucky

Worked construction and then waited tables at Red Robin. Learned how to beat the game of blackjack in 2001 and spent 9 years playing, running a team, managing investors and starting a website that trains people how to count cards. There was a documentary made about it. Co-founded Epipheo in 2008 and am currently on the board of directors. I am working with my friend Colin on Financial Apprenticeship to try and change the way people see money.  I’m writing a book that I’m calling “Disappointed Millionaire”.  Our family makes videos.

I enjoy writing, tattoos, Mount Rainier,  creating and gardening, finding freedom, learning to love boundlessly, living in community, and eating strawberry shortcake (the real kind, NOT angel food cake). My highlight of the year was completing a marathon with my 4 oldest children ages 7,9,11, and 13. 

There are many different places to find me. The easiest way is to stop by for dinner.  I’m skeptical about the dangers of social media but you can find me on Twitter,  Facebook, and  LinkedIn

updated 7/18/14

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